Just trying to figure this out using my kindle fire.  I want to start blogging on different items and situations I see all the time.  No first of the month whack a grannies at Wal-Mart stories those are played out on my facebook page. Besides most all of my friends there are my family and some non related friends. There’s also the wonderful fanficton groups I belong to.  I am not going to comment on politics because this is just going to be my skewed view of the place I inhabit and the bits and pieces floating me and my family.  I hope you find it funny and maybe sarcastic to.  So here is the introduction of this year long commitment at least once a month until next February.  I have one disclaimer if you find that what you are reading just sucks  then say it sucks then let it go free will.  Ok till next time -Suzyq


Still kicking in the hot February Sun.

Well this time last year we were up to at least our knees in snow.  Now I am running around in short sleeves and a hoodie.  I have to say that the last couple of months have been a cement mixer of emotions.  Now I am happy to say I did not start back smoking so this is my first anniversary. Go me lol  on the health front caught a nasty cold/bug from my daughter so I have been using my non invasive machine a lot the past two weeks and it is worth it.  With some other meds I remain hospital free also had mammogram and came back ok. My Dr has me on diabetic meds – oral ones not having to use insulin right now.  Working on weight and blood pressure and they are slowly dropping so there is hope for me.  In March I will be going to see Cinderella the Rogers and Hammerstein version. There is a business that brings in Broadway  plays to our area of course the only time I have seen the other versions were on tv and DVD–Julie Andrews version and of course the television versions with  Lesley Ann Warren that was a yearly event when I was young.  Also the version with  Brandy and Whitney Houston was awesome.  As you can see Cinderella is my favorite princess (fairytale) and I may one day have a blue ballgown to try on. I hope that this post makes sense I am sending it from my kindle today.  Thank all the wonderful writers that I follow I have been in reading  heaven.  So I will go for now. But I will have more this spring as my 20th wedding anniversary is coming up with my best ride and die Gary.  Enjoy warm weather if you have it because the cold will be on its way.

Hello All

First I want to thank everyone that is following me.  I know I have not posted much but I will try to do better.  Here is a little update on what is going on with me and my family.  I do have one request My husband and I are going to have our 20th anniversary coming in April and I racking my brain for what type of gift.  I googled 20th anniversary and it stated that China was the gift.  If any of you can give me a suggestion I would appreciate it.  He really loves classic cars the most and does not follow any sports teams at all.  I have some time it is not until the end of April.  So on to the main event 🙂

Well this is busy month for us and it is not Holiday fun at all. It is the month of Doctors and procedures. Starting on Friday I get the birthday gift that keeps on giving an MRI yes I get to have my head dyed and blasted by magnets. I did find out that the screws from my brain surgery does not effect the procedure. We clean the building where this MRI is housed and you have to watch a video and you cannot wear jewelry anywhere near it. I did tell Gary that I did not want to clean that section since I had to go there for my tests one nice advantage to being married to your boss at work. So I clean the third floor which consist of –The old people center, infectious disease and pulmonary. It is not too bad but I digress as usual. So Friday – test Monday Dr will give me results of test — Tuesday — Sleep apnea Dr and Wednesday it is Gary and the eye Dr so Thursday — break and then Friday a Mammogram for me not Gary (he-he). Then it will be just regular stuff until the holiday and then I have an eye exam the day before New Years. This month will be rough anyway since it the first anniversary of Dads death:-( On the lighter side the landlord is replacing our crumbling back porch with a deck and the contractors are older gentlemen and one smokes cigars (glad he is outside) The first day it was a jackhammer to the concrete and today it is a loud drill. However the dogs have stopped reacting to this (no barking all day long) So everyone stay warm this weekend– if you are not in Florida Yeah you Debbie 🙂 I am hoping that I am free of new tumors and the old ones have shrunk even more. Will give up date next week. Bet you can’t wait 🙂 Also I have still not smoked since last January (yes)  The machine I use at night really helps with my COPD and I have also lost around 25lbs since August.  I think that since I am actually getting REM sleep it has helped me with my energy levels Duh right.  As I said before I will try to update more.




A Midyear Hello

Here is an observation and an Update 🙂  Also using all tips from my buddies here about not going back to smoking.  OK after years of scientific observation of the general population. I have come to this conclusion– First of the month most if not all people just suck 😦 I am not going into any list because most if not all of the people I am friends with (relatives mainly) have heard or read of my discourse on the first if each month. However I do have a couple of updates — still not smoking but wearing the middle nicotine patch 🙂 this from a person who was never going to quit smoking now almost six months also I no longer drink many cokes. So if I can stop my two worst habits there is hope for others to quit their vices. Also Gary did a big “told you so” to me about this I have moderate sleep apnea yes soon I will be rocking the CPAP machine at night. Actually Gary is not as crass as I am because he would not really come out and say it. I would have to him and have done so at times. If I feel like it warrants a big in your face I have even printed the information showing i am right and given this to him. He is a good sport about it and knows that I am a sarcastic smart ass and that I cannot help this because it is part of my 23 DNA genes. Really people want to be tested and have this information out on the internet — Will not even go there — so have a great summer will be heading out next weekend to see the old homestead and do some weed eating for Mom.  My COPD is there but I have had to take Predisone for the past three months when my breathing started giving my trouble.  Hopefully the Cpap and the allergy spray will help with that.  Thank you all for reading this and my buddies that write too a big thanks :-).

Time for a ReCap

Well I just have finally felt like catching up here with everyone.  So lets do the good news first.  My last MRI shows no new tumors and the one that was zapped is still shrinking so well done Laser Knife will not have to have multiple MRI this year.  I also was screened for colon cancer and the stuff that they put you out with makes you really really happy and why not they are going to an uncomfortable place so there should be some little benefit.  Need to have another in 5 years and this was my last of November first part of December good news.  The bad news is my dad lost his battle with cancer and died on December 13 — just two days before my parents 59th anniversary.  I can say that he was coherent parts of the day so I was able to tell him I loved him and he understood.  We had a simple funeral with his favorite song  “How Great Thou Art” and he was a veteran of the Korean war and they have just opened a new veterans cemetery in our small town and he had applied there a couple of years ago and that was where we had the military ceremony for him  it was surreal because it was December 16th and so warm we did not even need a coat .  The had the prayer and then the 21 gun salute and taps and then they had the flag folding and presentation.  The members of the military were great and it made it a little easier to deal with.  I know that most everyone has had to deal with a lingering death and it is hard to watch your loved one go on but he was tired and just wanted to rest.  So I am very sad and did feel a little selfish not wanting him to go but Dad is not suffering now.  So last bit of news I have just got out of the hospital after a week in on the respirator so I really have COPD I have been in denial about this for a couple of years but no longer.  I have smoked for almost 30 years and I have been off for two weeks.  Patches yes I need stinking Patches and sugar-free gum are now my best friends because I just see me dragging a h2o Tank behind me if I start again and after what I watched my dad go through I can stop and slow this down or I can smoke and die sooner with a poor quality of life.  I know it is going to be hard but I never ever wanted to quit before and now I do so if anyone has any tricks just let me know because If I pick them up again I will be a fool.   I am hoping to catch up with my favorite writers and friends now that my life is calming down some.   Thank you everyone that follows me I appreciate it very much.  I will keep you posted on the smoking cessation.




Still here after all these weeks

Hello Everyone,

I am still in the fandom but not doing much reading and reviewing right now.  I don’t know if I mentioned my Father and his broken hip from March.  Well he cannot get rid of different infections that keep plaguing him so he has been in and out of the hospital and rehab and it has been rough.  This has really just messed with my head to be honest and I don’t have the attention to read much right now.  I am slowing going back to read what I have missed and I will review those chapters too.  Life is slowing down just a little and I feel like I can catch my breath.  I will be back to read everything from all of my favorite writers.  Love you all 🙂


MRI results

Well I went to the Dr. today and he gave me some very good news.  I have no new tumors and the ones that I have are not growing.  He said that he would be happy to see my MRI look this way for the rest of my live and I told him me too. I have to have another MRI in December and I will not forget the Valium this time.  The noise is so nerve racking it is –nine different tests then they inject me with a contrast dye and repeat 3 of them it is so loud.   May is not a pleasant month for me to many unhappy memories 😦   My father has broken his hip and is now in rehab due to infection that they cannot get rid of and he developed bed sores and blood clots.  He was not eating and had just about given up but a Doctor called him on and it has helped.  He will be 81 in August and he is finding it hard to be unable to go when he wants to.  I have been visiting him and calling him everyday he is about 45 minutes away from my home now.  My hair is growing back where it feel out and I did shave it off I will even it out when the bald spots grow in more.  I just wanted to le3t everyone that follows me know what is going on — you guys are so great 🙂 Love you all.

Cheating just a little


OK to be honest I am just re-posting from my Facebook because I ran off at the fingers when I posted that update.  I am also posting a picture of my dog snowy yesterday was her 3rd birthday.  So here is the 411 on my treatments and few other things.

I have to say that the blazer is one great SUV we used it in the past two snow events. I mean they are hardly just storms anymore. I mean if you name it then it becomes more than just normal weather for that time of year. So I think that next time we have just a normal rain storm I am going to start naming them starting with “A” I have not decided what gender to start with so I may choose a name that could go for either gender. Now I think this snowstorm was named Thor and it just had to happen at the first if the month throwing everyone into a panic and run to town and grab everything on the shelf but they did not need to panic most of them were coming anyway Social Security time. Well Sunday is change the time again and I really hate losing the hour — I like the dark better maybe this why I have a vitamin d deficiency not enough sunlight LOL — I shared my photo of completing Cyber Knife treatment– it was not painful but it drain my energy. They made a mask of my face and it was used to lock my head down while the light saber zapped my head. So I would come out of the treatment looking like the outside of a waffle weave ice cream cone. The treatments lasted an hour each time and I had the max at 5. They did them each day and Gary was my rock he took me to each one and stayed with me through the doctor visits. The staff and Doctors are great and they treated everyone with respect and were very helpful. Blue Ridge Cancer Center is where the Cyber Knife is located and the Techs that give you the treatment are the best. They even have a waiting room there that they have stocked with free drinks and snacks for the family and patients while they are waiting. Poor Gary usually would bring his own drink since a soda cost 2.00 at the site. Any drink that they have except coffee would be caffeine free — one day he forgot and ended up drinking coffee. Now we have a coffee maker but he uses that for his tea. I don’t drink either and I know what you are thinking am I really from the south since I don’t drink sweet tea or drink coffee. smile emoticon When I worked at Orvis and would get a call from a man from one of the Northern states they would always ask if I ate grits and was I still mad that the south lost the war. I would just answer no to both questions because I don’t know if Virginia is still considered a southern state since a lot of people refer to it as a Mid Atlantic state. Wow that really went off topic LOL anyway back to Gary needless to say he did not forget his drink on any of the other days. So now that the treatment is complete I will go back in mid may for another MRI then see the Doctor for a follow up visit the next week. The MRI don’t seem as daunting as they use to and I know that I will at least have to them once a year. However I would rather have them and catch something early than wait longer and have another tumor that would have to be removed using the trap door in my skull I could keep getting these benign tumors for a long time and as long as they stay a stage one then they are not cancerous. So if you make it to the end of this long post congratulations I think that deserves a disco frog dance– next post will be wal mart report and not as long I have finally got my strength back that is one reason the post is so long. OK finished.

Star Wars Surgery?

OK I have finally seen as I like to call her my brain doctor and this is what is going on in my brain.  My blueberry has not changed which is good but (you know there always is one or more buts)  there are more of them now — I have some in the vein that goes down the middle of the brain.  The good news is I can live without it the top 1/3 — bad news if they get into the back 2/3 I could stroke out. I also have something on the left side now.  So all this boils down to surgery or something else– We chose something else Cyber-knife surgery hence the star wars reference.  Robotic laser arm zapping my head with pinpoint radiation.  Noninvasive and no pain and quick recovery.  It is not a emergency situation however I was able to see my newest Doctor very quickly — His name is Dr Buck and he is a radiology oncologist.  Yes a cancer doctor — so that was a concern since I have been told my tumors are not cancerous.  It was explained that he was the best doctor to do this procedure.  So on Feb the 3rd I go for a CT scan– they will give me a mask to wear that forms to my face and then map out the tumors and other things pertaining to my skull.  After this another MRI (that was a given) and the cyber-knife team will program the machine for my needs and about a week after that I start the procedure — twice a week for a total of 5 treatments –Dr Buck said that this should stop the growth of these tumors and the vein will close slowly which is better than just taking it out.  I am so happy to be doing something about this instead of just watching.  Lasers/light sabers it will be different  and its somewhat scary but they have a great team working with me and Gary is going to be taking me to the sessions since they want you to take your pain meds and nerve medication while this is going on.  They even have a TV in the ceiling to watch for the hour or more I will be there.  This however will not stop more tumors in the future 😦  and I still might have to have conventional surgery.  So I am going to be zapped in an uncomfortable place –not the back of a Volkswagen (love Mallrats and Kevin Smith).  I am going to try to keep up with my reading but my reviews may be a little later than everyone else.  Keep me in your thoughts


Life Sucks I guess

I want to thank everyone that is following me.  I am sorry I don’t post much but I did want to acknowledge all of you.  I was suppose to find out what my latest MRI found today however the appointment was canceled due to an emergency in the OR.  So that is ok but I did talk to a nurse and she read me the report and now I wish I had just waited.  My blueberry tumor has not changed which is good but they are seeing somethings in the left frontal lobe and that is what I wish I did not know about.  The type of tumor I have/had have been non cancerous and slow growing however I am not sure of the new ones so everyone just cross your fingers and toes that these are too.  Hopefully the Dr. will let me know as little more before my next appointment which is late January and this should be a sign that it is not life threatening so I will blog again soon when I find out.  I am trying not to be a whiner but it is hard.  So now I am going to distract myself with a double caramel magnum ice cream and some Eric and Sookie.  Happy Holidays to all 🙂